Flowers speak a thousand words !

Soulflower is all about aroma. We sleep, breathe and eat aroma. Ok, now that was exaggerated !! But, at the same time it's very important for you to know that we go beyond just making soaps, essential oils, candles or flowers. Aroma or say fragrance forms a pivotal part of our relationship with the customers. Just today, we are again hosting a contest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And the question asked will open new doors for us as we may come to know lots of things about ourselves which we otherwise were ignorant of. The question asked is " Tell us what you LOVE about Soulflower ? "

True, people love our products and they are not just for giving you that artificial shine but, are actually useful. But, there are customers who purchase our product just because they find that specific aroma exhilarating. Here's where the Language of Flowers or Floriography comes into discussion. Since ancient times, we have associated emotions with flowers like love with rose, sensuality with jasmine, daisy with innocence and purity, lavender denotes grace and elegance. The concept of Floriography soared in the Victorian era when flowers were picked specifically for sending coded messages to the recipient. Equipped with dictionaries which talked only about flowers, people from the Victorian age were known to exchange small flower bouquets also known as "talking bouquets ". It was the only way of communicating secret messages then. Flowers adorned everything, from hair to clothing, jewellery, home decor to name a few.

Similarly, the practice is still prevalent, but, not just concentrated to expressing with flowers. But, they still remain a way of communicating something really special. Soulflower mainly comprises of rose, lavender and the aroma of jasmine. Let's take a look at how significant they are.

Luscious Rose :

Rose is one of the enduring symbols for romance, passion and appreciation. Although, the flower rose comes in various colours, red is the only one having that terrific aroma. Fancied since the age-old times for it's simple beauty and enthralling fragrance, there's no better way to send a passionate and heartfelt message than with the royal rose. Rose is the other name for royalty. The ancient Greeks and Romans identified this flower with the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

Sensuous Jasmine :

Jasmine has mostly been associated with sensuality. Although, the colour of jasmine is white that sends a message of softness, innocence and being calm. But, the fragrance of jasmine being so intoxicating has given this flower the tag of being sensuous. Basically, jasmine had originated in the foot hills of Himalayas and Ganges plain and subsequently it had been it was cultivated and brought to India, China, the Middle East and other regions.  Jasmine can also be used meditatively by inspiring your own spiritual presence in the body with it's delicate fragrance.  

Soothing Lavender :

Lavender has always been regarded as a healing herb. During the Victorian era, lavender oil gained popularity with the fairer sex. Elegance and luxury can be indicated by the colour of lavender while the flowers can speak of wealth and wisdom. Mainly, lavender signifies calm and helps a lot in soothing your mind. And did you also know that lavender also attracts butterflies ?? Yes, planting lavender brings butterflies and other helpful insects to your garden. 

love planted a rose and the world turned sweet 

the intoxicating smell of jasmine

did you hear the sound of lavender ?? be quiet, you can !!

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