Soulflower - here, there, everywhere

Every new day comes with a new beginning. At least at Soulflower, we are surrounded with new thoughts and new experiments. Recently, we have been giving a lot of thought on how we can be completely useful to you. Completely useful as in - Soulflower should be here, there, everywhere. You should eat, breathe and sleep Soulflower.

Okay .. now that was exaggeration. But, we want to be a part and parcel of your life, of your every move an every step you take. We want you to soak yourself completely in our world. Because, every thought we apply is concerning you and is filled with immense passion.

We feel that you have just been using our products to the full. So, we thought about taking it up as a secret mission.

What we did ??

- worked up a plan

- put the plan on paper i.e., sketched our whole secret plan on how we can silently break in occupy every corner of your house.

And, first we thought of taking over your study room. 

Take a look :

working on the plan

Soulflower Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend

Soulflower Lemongrass Essential Oil

Soulflower Fresh Cut Lemongrass Potpourri

Soulflower Round White Oil Diffuser

and the whole plan

Not to worry at all !! We are on a mission to just heal your soul, uplift your mood and do all good things to you. Stay tuned for more. We are yet not done .....


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