Freshly brewed coffee from our cafe

Nah. We didn't turn our place into some cafe but, just to give you that feel. Experimentation has been a part and parcel of Soulflower all the time. Just yesterday, there was this specially ordered coffee chocolate soap freshly baked. Talk about the aroma which travelled throughout the place and I got it even before stepping in the kitchen. Strong, delicious, invigorating !!!!

What amazes me is the ability of creation which is inexplicable and goes beyond our mundane imagination.  Yes - mark the word " mundane ". Most of the time we restrict ourselves, and are stuck within our own sphere and our own circle of imaginations. Those imaginations which are mundane. We need to let them loose and allow the creative juices to flow, take it's own course, decide, make mistakes and settle. Pardon me for going little off the track but that's what mindless thoughts do to you. But, let mindless thoughts cloud your mind and eventually you would find your way.

A small smile appeared on my face while I was observing the whole process of icing the cake. Now, who would have thought that a mere soap can be designed just like a cake ?? Well, I never did ! I was quite amused to see the process when the chocolaty looking glycerin slowly poured on the top the cake and making it's way down, dripping and the tiny soap bars being placed in the middle looked just like chocolate blocks. Coffee beans were gently thumbed surrounding the blocks and the white grated soaps looked exactly like snowflakes on the top. It's just yesterday, I actually understood why it's called as " icing on the cake ".

Some photographs to help you out with :

P.S. : The smile didn't leave me and somehow it stayed throughout the night. Some food for your thought !!


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