Saturday thoughts

Can thoughts be associated with days or certain thoughts are assigned to particular days ?? Oh yes .. very much. Like Monday blues, other days of the week have feelings too !! Days speak, whisper and convey a lot of emotions. You may feel a sudden upswing on a particular Thursday. Reasons may be known or unknown.

Well, at Soulflower, everyday is a new day with new stories, new inspirations and a new angle towards life. It's filled with fun, frolic, drama, colours and loads of unique things. Here, Monday may not be always blue and Saturday is always a happy day. Talking about Saturday, it always reminds me of beautiful pictures, walk on the beach, good food and new thoughts to be executed. Saturday always creates a way for the coming week. It's the day when you can relax yet plan out your schedule for the next week.

Saturday makes memories. Saturday creates new thoughts. Saturday makes you fall in love with Monday. Saturday helps you forgive. Saturday makes you remember all the good things. And Saturday can also make you nostalgic. It's like capturing moments from the bygone week.

So, here's to a new day, new creations, beautiful photographs, new inspirations and loads of happiness - Happy Shutterday .. ooopps Saturday !!!!

capture new memories

pangs of nostalgia

get inspired

forgive and forget


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