Gift your skin some tea tree

Remember, I had posted about wishing Happy Valentine's day to your skin ?? Well,you definitely should ! I wouldn't again talk about the same thing actually, but, can't help either. All what Soulflower deals with are matters pertaining to your skin and hair. Designing and redesigning, our ingredients may change for a soap as we may feel that quite unfit for your skin and hair. As, I had written in that post about how our skin is unable to communicate it's feelings. Why ?? Because, it cannot say anything. But, it shows. How ?? The various skin ailments that give us nightmares !! Yes !!

Acne, pimples, dry and itchy skin, warts, psoriasis, eczema etc. etc.

We also receive so many customer queries regarding such matters. Some of the times, 2-3 people in a family may be suffering from various skin issues.

 So, what can be done in such grave times ?? As usual, there are loads of ingredients which are equally good for skin as well hair. Lavender, jasmine, rose are the common ones we keep on talking about. But, did you know about Tea Tree as the best solution for skin ailments ? I am sure you did and if at all you didn't, here are some facts about Tea Tree :

- Tea Tree has been used since a long time to cure cuts, burns, boils and as an antiseptic.

- Tea Tree Oil can be used as an effective anti-viral and anti-fungal home remedy and can also be used to cure fungal nail infection.

- It is also a natural alternative for treating acne without negative side-effects like reddening or peeling of skin.

- Regular use of tea tree is a good cure for dry skin and also helps your skin to stay hydrated for a long time.

- People suffering from chicken pox can also use Tea Tree due to it's antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.

So many benefits and you still need to complain ?? Now, it's your turn to wake up and take care of your skin. And, in times of help, WE .. are always there !!

Ohh, I almost forgot .. a whole set of Tea Tree just for you :

Soulflower Festive Tea Tree Body Milk Bath Set

take in the whole tea tree experience

What will you find inside this set ??

- Soulflower Tea Tree Soap ( Qty. 1 )

- Soulflower Tea Tree Aroma Massage Oil ( Qty. 1 )

- Soulflower Tea Tree Body Milk ( Qty. 1 )

- Soulflower Bath Salt - Tea Tree ( Qty. 1 )

- Soulflower Tea Tree Baby T-Light Candles ( Qty. 2 )

Take in the whole Tea Tree experience and let us know how you felt after using it.


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