Soulflower Summer Solution

I am sure everyone is a victim of the recent climate change occurring all over. It's freakkkiiing hot !! There's no other word for this hideous climate. And, furthermore, this heat is here to stay, increase with time and create havoc with our physical and emotional well-being. Just to make you aware, the coming month is going to be hotter and you are seriously going to have a hard time. Climate change can heavily affect your skin. C'mon now .. you obviously know that your skin is sensitive and it does have feelings ?? It's just that, it is unable to express in words and therefore, what you need to do is follow the signs.

Signs ?? Yes. Acne, pimples, etc. etc. That's how a skin expresses it's feelings like .. " Hey, look .. I can't bear the heat any further. Please do something !!! " Climate change comes as a shock to your skin as it is already accustomed to the former temperature which was cooler and suddenly, it's exposed to scorching heat, humidity and sun. Your skin takes time to register the new climate and therefore reacts in unusual ways. Acne, skin rashes, excessive sweating are some of the common issues this season. Sweating in a way is good as it's your body's in-built cooling system. With the rise in temperature, the millions of tiny sweat glands activate and sweat is released through the pores. You can say, sweating gives your body an outlet for the excess heat to be let out. Excessive workouts during this season can also make you sweat profusely and if it doesn't cool down then, the leftover sweat can lead to body odour. Now, it may not be the same for everyone. Because, body odour depends a lot on what kind of food you take. A diet comprising yogurt, pickles, meat and cheese gives rise to the levels of lactic acid in our body which in turn produces that bad odour from sweating.

Too much of sweating also causes acne. Reason ?? Sweating does not cause acne but, leftover sweat which soaks into your body makes your skin moist. Dirt, pollution and impurities readily gets attracted and settles on your damp skin leading to clogged pores and breakouts.

Soulflower's solution for getting rid of body odour ??

Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap

Charcoal You Smell Good Soap is an excellent solution for this season as active bamboo charcoal present in this soap goes deep to draw out body odour, unclog blockages and pores allowing the impurities to be let out. It also helps to prevent breakouts and acne. This soap is what you can call as an all rounder summer solution soap.

- Peppermint cools down tired skin and also prevents acne by controlling excess oil production in your body along with refreshing your whole system,

- Coconut oil moisturizes dry and dull skin,

- Turnip juice is a natural deodorant,

- Rosemary is antibacterial and antifungal thereby preventing formation of bacteria and other impurities in your body.

Icing on the cake is that the soap smells good and the fragrance will linger onto your skin the whole day.

smell fresh with the blend of charcoal and peppermint


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