Cats or Kings ?

The ones who have been following us or have been our dedicated customers since a long time would but, obviously know that we just love animals.

Flashback : ( for the ones still ignorant )

So, we foster animals and we love to be around them and vice versa. But, todays' post is not concerning that as you already know of this fact. Basically, we had been researching a bit and

We found out that cute animals such as kittens or puppies can actually increase your productivity at work. And, it's not just concentrated to the tiny ones but, also the adults ( cats and dogs ). And why it wouldn't be ?? Imagine you are stressed and are trying to complete some really important work and a cat just curls up in your lap. Would you still remain stressed ?? Or can you really ? They are the attention seekers !! And, the important thing here is that you need to set them free which is the same here in Soulflower. They play around with the employees, create mayhem and havoc, sleep, eat and sometimes fight !!

And what more ?? Employees click selfies with the cats and they, very smartly and happily gives the craziest poses. They are loved, adored and they know it too well !! Yes, those mischievous lots !! Having them around adds a lot of positivity to our whole work environment. The people are more cheerful and are able to enjoy a much lighter or say an enhanced work ambience rather than a stressful one.

Panda, the workaholic

I always keep an eye on you

Kola just loves posing with our bath salts

Oh .. Panda likes to take some rest !!

Coffee .. not a cup of coffee, but the name

and Butter, had been sleeping the whole day !!!


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