Soulflower wishes you a Happy Holi

India as we know is a land of varied cultures, languages and religion. It’s like a hotpot - you can find everything in here. Though despite of the diversity there is oneness - be it in our food, festivals or any other such matters. Talking about festivals, each state does evidently have their own set of fiesta. Most of the festivals differ from each other to a great extent and also the way they are celebrated.

While each of the festivals are concentrated to their respective states, Holi is one such celebration which changes it’s dimension with every state it goes. Like in Braj, Mathura it’s called as lath mar holi wherein women playfully beat the men with their sticks. It has been a tradition since ages. In Gujarat it’s a two day festival where they celebrate with breaking the handi i.e., a pot of buttermilk which has been suspended high on the streets. In Tamil Nadu, Holi is celebrated as vasanthosavam and they start their festival with music, dance and chants. Like this Holi, the festival of colours and love has got different facets in each state and is celebrated with vigour since ages.
So, this time, let us spread our life with colours like it has been since ages and enjoy a vibrant but safe Holi. Happy Holi to everyone !!!


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