Soulflower's way to a Happy Feet

While talking about summer yesterday, I felt that there are oodles of issues that this season brings along with it. Acne, blemishes or excessive sweating is one story but, the worst part is having tired and smelly feet. And, the fact is that it's quite unavoidable during summer. To avoid smelly feet, you can wear sandals which in turn would give you a horrible suntan. On the other hand, if you wear covered shoes, your feet will sweat and give out that nasty odour.

Thinking of this, Soulflower has designed a set purely for foot care. It's the Soulflower Footcare Set of 3. Isn't it cool ???? 

Soulflower Footcare Set of 3

Contents ??

There's this soap which is called Happy Feet and looks quite antarctic with three beautiful layers of blue, yellow and white. I am sure, you would fall in love with that soap !!!! What you need to do is, after returning home, take a shower and use this soap to wash your feet. The results will be better if you soak your feet in warm water and then thoroughly wash your feet using Happy Feet Soap.

Thereafter, you can find a cool blue colour bath salt namely Ocean Blue Bath Salt which is the best foot care product for your tired and smelly feet. After your bath, take a tub of warm water and pour the bath salt ( not the whole, but, some ) into it. Mix it well. Keep your feet soaked into the solution for some time. You will feel relaxed. It will soften your feet and help you get rid of bad odour and relax your tired muscles. Dry your feet with a towel after that.

Just before going to sleep, apply Tea Tree Foot Reflexology Aroma Massage Oil from this set and massage gently to your feet to reduce pain and tension. Remember to put on socks after applying till most of the oil is absorbed by your skin.

That's all. It's simple yet beneficial. You can repeat this treatment and you will enjoy a happy feet every day.


the way to your happy feet. 

Stay fresh !!!!


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