When pomegranates shower on your skin

They are red, juicy and they look lovely. Have them whole or just crush them to concoct a gorgeous pomegranate juice. Either or, it's delicious. Or you can just apply it on your skin. How ?

Ah .. here we come again. Well, we cannot give you whole pomegranates but, we can produce oil which has been obtained by the purest and most natural process known as cold pressing. And the oil is Soulflower Coldpressed Pomegranate Pure Natural Carrier Oil.

Opening the bottle, you will get the mild sweet aroma of pomegranate which is neither overpowering nor bland. You can also say that it's somewhat medicinal. At least, that's what our customers say. Pomegranate Carrier Oil along with Rosehip, Argan and Jojoba is one of the top-selling products from Soulflower. The oil is light and therefore gets absorbed quickly. When blended with other carrier oils, the benefits double up.

According to one of our customers Bedatroyee Debi, " This oil is highly moisturizing. I apply it on my face and it imparts a subtle glow. It never broke me out "

Application of this oil will moisturize your skin and one of our customers also reported that it also works best as a skin cleanser. It gently unclogs your pores drawing out all the dirt and grime from your face and simultaneously moisturize it. Your skin will appear comparatively softer than before.

it's light and gets easily absorbed into your skin

go for that glow you need so much


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