Love affair between you and Soulflower

So, we are back again. And, tell you what .. ??? Your kitchen just looked awesome with ' us ' everywhere, on the shelves, beside your oven .. and yeah, the candy like aroma of Very Berry Potpourri just travelled through the whole place. It surely gave your kitchen that ' candy store ' ambiance .

But, can we just stop at this ??? Nooo .. not at all. Therefore, we again racked our brains yet again. Where else would you need us the most ?? That moment, when it will be just ' you ' and ' Soulflower ' and no one else in between. That time and place where you wouldn't mind us invading but, just need us.

Any guesses ?? Well, I am talking about your ' me time ' - every day session in the sauna. Isn't it ??
That's the only time in the whole day when you spend time with yourself, let go all your emotions, wash away your worries and fall in love with yourself. You can say, it's the most romantic phase.

And we, want to be an integral part of your ' me time '. It will not be just a love affair with yourself, but with us. You can share all your musings and who knows you may get all those brilliant ideas while being with us !! After all, we not just heal your body but also your mind !! Like using a Souflower Rose Soap will uplift your mood along with moisturizing your skin.

So, like the last two days, we again sketched out a plan .. and here it goes. Take a look :

that's how we visualize our future together 

Soulflower Rose Soap

Soulflower Rose Geranium Bath Salt, 
Soulflower Lemon, Eucalyptus, Citronella and Rosemary Essential Oils

Soulflower Rose Potpourri


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