For a glorious youth

Who doesn't reminiscence about their youth, their teenage years ?? Rough, adventurous, dreamy .. yeah, that absolutely loved phase of life. Teenage years are most of the times unstable when you dare to take up risks, try out everything and anything new. Love, friendships form a pivotal part of those years. You fall in and out of love, develop new friendships, laugh, live and get on with life.

We have a lot of customers, in fact ,most of them are teenagers and youngsters. They are ultra conscious about their skin, hair and just love to pamper themselves. Now, we all know, how teenage years are - growing aware of oneself, the surroundings and all. A teenager is generally insecure mainly because of the effects during the transitional period. There is a robust hormonal change happening in the system due to which various skin problems crop up. Although, it may not be the same for all, but for some these skin issues are a nightmare. Acne is the most terrible but even oily skin and blemishes contribute a lot in making you look horrible.

Now, imagine .. with a growing self-awareness, how can a teenager accept those little villains creating havoc with your skin ?? You may even be going out for your first ever date .. and a breakout on that day ???? Unimaginable and unacceptable !!

Skin issues cannot be ignored and can also result in lowering your self-esteem to a great extent. With affecting your social image, conscious teenagers may also suffer from depression or try to cut off all kinds of social contact.

So, what can be done ?? What can we do to make you smile and give you a happy skin ?? Well, we surely have all the solutions, but, you need to make sure of following what we say.

There's this Sulfur Soap namely Anti-acne Sulfur Soap which is specially curated for treating acne. But, you need to apply it just on the affected areas rather than all over your body. Sulphur causes the skin to dry out a bit and peel. People with oily skin are more prone to acne. Since sulphur dries the skin out, it  will help decrease the inflammation of pimples and other blemishes on your skin.

The other two soaps are Tea Tree which is highly beneficial for treating acne and pimples but, which you can apply to your whole body and Orange Carrot Detox which is specially designed for teenage troubled skin. Tea Tree is basically a medicinal soap with antiseptic properties and a minty smell. And Orange Carrot Detox helps in exfoliating dead skin cells for a blemish free clear skin. 

Soulflower Anti Acne Sulfur Soap

Soulflower Tea Tree Soap

Soulflower Orange Carrot Detox Soap

A little tip from Soulflower on how you can effectively use these soaps :

- Use Anti Acne Sulfur Soap on your affected areas first.

- Thereafter, apply Tea Tree Soap all over and finish your bath. Repeat this everyday for better results.

- You can also use Orange Carrot rather than Tea Tree sometimes just to excite your skin. It's quite necessary. 


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