A peek into your kitchen

Today's post is basically a continuation from Saturday's post. I hope you remember about our secret mission ?? Well .. it's no longer a secret, as I have already spilled the beans !!

But, hey !! Wait !! I am yet not done. Last time, I had just shared our plan about invading your study room, but, we are in love with your whole house.

So, where next ????

Ah .. your kitchen looks quite good.

So, just like the study room, we sketched a plan again, exclusively for your kitchen. And, I solemnly swear, that we are up to everything good !!

So, how can you use Soulflower effectively for your kitchen ?

Soulflower for your kitchen

the aroma of Orange is refreshing

Lemon helps to ward off bacteria and germs and Bergamot has this light citrusy aroma 
which is quite refreshing.

the candy like aroma of Very Berry Potpourri will give your
kitchen that berry like scent

Kitchen is a place which should smell good. All the time. But, with so much going on in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning and all..it becomes little difficult to make the place smell beautiful every minute. Bad smell mostly occurs due to storing stale food or not cleaning the utensils properly. Storage of too much food is also unhygienic and can produce bad odour.

Soulflower wants to be omnipresent. And we want to be useful for those little little things you do every day, your daily chores. It may appear minor for you but, imagine using essential oil for cleaning your utensils. I am sure, you haven't given so much thought to a work like cleaning. But, we do and that's what is actually important and the most beautiful part. 


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