The power of hands

Quite often you must have heard this phrase that ' everything is in our hands '. Yes, it is. Too much has been said about what wonders we can create with our very own hands and that's completely true. We can create, and only, we can destroy. But, let's talk about simpler things rather than climbing up the philosophical ladder. Soulflower is simple, yet fun and we deal with the easy, innocent and colourful ways of life.

It goes without saying, how our products are all homespun and from making till packing, everything is given the handmade treatment. We believe that when we make something with our own hands, the love or the emotions it convey increases twofold. Remember, making those hand crafted cards on birthdays ?? They actually are the best !

You use your hands to cook, to create, to draw, to write and so many things. Working with your own hands shows involvement and passion for the work. A touch of hand can heal any ailment. The warmth of that touch talks a thousand words than just a mere speech.

Come, experience the power of hands with Soulflower.


Our hands often reveal what we really think but do not say. They can show a range of feelings
and emotions from confusion and frustration to joy, understanding, love and compassion.

Soulflower Baby Your Skin Soap


" One hand I extend into myself, the other toward others.” 
Dejan Stojanovic


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