Make your own Valentine tree

Yes .. you heard it right !

But, here's a twist. Why devote a tree for a single person ? Rather, prepare for all your loved near and dear ones. At least, that's what I made.

You need :

- tree branches ( I used branches from Soulflower's antique collection. Even you can look out for them )

- double sided tape

- coloured papers

- jute strings

- cotton

- marker

- scissors

How ??

Cut out heart shapes from coloured paper and write messages dedicated to your mother, father, sister, teacher, boyfriend or anyone you feel like.

Punch a hole and draw a jute string through each and tie them into a knot.

Now hang them on the tree branches.

Take a blue coloured paper for the background and stick cotton shaped as clouds on them. Draw some birds with a black ink marker.

Take a look

scissors, cotton, double-sided tape, marker, jute string and love messages etched

messages dedicated to all your loved ones

your own love tree

use blue colour paper for the sky and cotton as clouds

You can actually throw a Valentine party wherein you invite everyone and spill out all your emotions through this love tree. It is sure to please anyone and everyone and you may actually come to know about their feelings for you.

If you want, you can also make it just for your partner rather than your whole family. But, make sure to work really hard and etch all your heartfelt lines on those little pieces of paper.

Till then .. have a good day and keep on checking out 


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