Glow With Jasmine !

It's the smell of calm, the cool beauty of the night. Jasmine, a Persian name which means " the gift from God ". There's this thing which I absolutely adore about women in parts of Mumbai and South India - the touch of jasmine in their hair. To be specific, it can be mostly seen as a trend among the older lot, but, still. The flower markets are filled with little braids of jasmine and they are very much in demand. Jasmine is quite popular within the female population - mainly for it's sweet, intoxicating scent. Who would care for deodorants or perfumes earlier ?? The fragrance of jasmine is such that it would linger for the whole day spreading that sweet scent everywhere. Still now, it can be seen within a certain group where men show their love by gifting jasmine flowers.

Why Jasmine is so popular among women ??

Mainly because of it's fragrance. In China, there is a famous ballad in the name of Jasmine Flower which stands out for it's beautiful and catchy tune. The melodious, elegant and emotional tune is in praise of jasmine flowers, referring to the pure and true love between a man and a woman in an indirect way. Jasmine is not much related with romance like rose is. But, somehow, women in many parts of India connect romance with jasmine flower and therefore they adorn it in their hair. 

Benefits of Jasmine ??

The aroma of jasmine uplifts your mood. It is an antidepressant and has aphrodisiac properties. 

Soulflower and Jasmine

We absolutely love the fragrance and therefore, we have used it extensively in our soaps, oils, candles, potpourri and bath salt.

the scent of jasmine

Soulflower Jasmine Aroma Massage Oil

Soulflower Jasmine Soap

Soulflower Aroma Bath Salt - Jasmine

Soulflower Midnight Jasmine Potpourri


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