Feeling Blue ???

Like literally blue ? You see blue everywhere, buy everything blue, colour everything blue ? Happened with me once. Went shopping and came back with all blue clothing. Surprising, but, that was a day when everything blue just called out to me from all the corners of the shop. Blue is lovable though ! The various shades and hues of blue - the sea and the sky ! What most attracts about this colour is it's ability to draw attention without even trying to do it. It exudes an aura of royalty, of peace and tranquility of trust and stability and lots of silence.

Look out for the hint of blue in your surroundings.

" Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time " - Moncy Barbour


Let's dig a little deeper, let's know a little more

Soulflower Aroma Bath Salt - Ocean Blue

shades of blue

Soulflower Tea Tree Soap

Benefits of Soulflower Ocean Blue Bath Salt :

- Take a dip in a warm bath mixed with Ocean Blue Aroma Bath Salt to rejuvenate your whole body. Lemon kills bad body odour and makes your whole body feel refreshed. Kiwi is a rich source of Vitamin E which helps reverse the aging process.

- Ocean Blue Aroma Bath Salt is best for dry hands. It exfoliates and seals in the moisture. Dipping your hands into a warm bowl of water containing Ocean Blue would make your hands feel soft.

- Dipping feet in a bucket full warm water with Ocean Blue Bath Salt is great for tired, sweaty and smelly feet from standing all day. Kiwi leaves a tantalizing aroma on your feet while lemon freshens and scrubs your feet of bacteria.

Benefits of Soulflower Tea Tree Soap :

- Tea Tree is one of strongest antiseptic known

- It has the ability to inhibit and kill the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses

- A facial soap which can be used every day for getting rid of pimples and acne

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