Go to sleep - without snoring

Our Anti Snoring Roll On sells quite well. I was quite amazed to hear that. First of all the name which almost made me laugh and second, it's popularity within our customers. Weird !!

It shows that snoring is a story of every home. Now, some excerpts from a morning conversation at office :

Boy 1 : " Hey, we need to focus on Anti Snoring Roll On. Promote it. "

Boy 2 : " Oh ok. But, as of now, we are mainly concentrating on Women's Day. "

Boy 1 : " So ? " ( one eyebrow raised )

Boy 2 : ( two eyebrows in the air )

Boy 1 : " Women snore too. " ( with a smug like face )

Boy 2 : ( burst into peals of laughter )

All the ladies in the room : ( facepalm )

***End of conversation***

And we thought, that only men possess all such habits. Poor men !! So, that now you know that it's an universal issue, don't you think we should all join hands and work towards it ??

Ok, here's one customer review for you to think better :

" I am using this product for the past one week. I can feel the difference myself. The snoring has reduced and other family members are sleeping peacefully. "

See. You should be empathetic towards others. Always.

Just for you. Soulflower Aromatherapy Anti Snoring Roll On.

Soulflower Aromatherapy Anti Snoring Roll On

Basil helps clear nasal congestion

How to use ??

Simply inhale to substantially reduce snoring. Massage onto pulse points, back of your neck, below the ears, wrists and temple.

Benefits of the pure essential oils used in ?? 

- Geranium helps you to have a peaceful sleep

- Basil has antiseptic properties and helps clear nasal congestion

- Lavender is good for the respiratory system and circulation

- Marjoram causes the body to tighten the soft tissues at the back of the throat which vibrates and is the source of the snoring noise.


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