How to set up your own Valentine Chocolate table ?

The Valentine week is already here. Dates have been fixed, gifts selected, outfits decided and shops been adorned with various valentine perks. It surely looks all red around here.

Well, I completely forgot to ask you .. what gifts did you buy for your loved ones ?? I will be awaiting your reply. Seriously. While talking about gifts, did you ever think of gifting something handmade ? If yes, then just be sure to take a leaf out my book as this whole week I will be gifting you with my ideas for Valentine. You can take it as ' My Valentine Gifts ' for you as our readers who keep on spending their valuable time on our blog do need some love after all.

Going by the title, today is Chocolate Day. So, I have something in mind for you. It's basically for the ones who make chocolates at home. The ones who do not, no need to worry .. you can very well buy them from the market. Just make sure to buy something cute and unique - yeah,  I am talking about chocolates.

All you need is to make chocolate-eating memorable, just like a ceremony.
Things needed :

- Chocolates

- Wooden knife

- Handmade paper

- Colourful napkin

- Other cute props you own ( I will show what I've used ) 

things needed for setting up your chocolate table

your own chocolate table


keep a knife rather than cutting the chocolates on your own

I used napkins rather than containers

A chocolate table can serve as a perfect and unique gift for your loved one. You can very well imagine the surprised as well as happy look on their face when they return home to find a creatively done table full of chocolates waiting for them. They may never have expected such a thing. And what more ?? Loads and loads of appreciation and gifts in return !!!!!!!

While on it .. why don't you try our yummilicious chocolate infused soaps. Just for you .. yet again !!


Soulflower Bite Me Chocolate Soap, Soulflower Hot Chocolate Soap and Soulflower Wake Up & Smell The Coffee Chocolate Soap.

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Till then .. Happy Chocolate Day and have loads and loads of chocolates !!


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