Paint yourself red with Soulflower

Do you need a reason for this ? With Valentine's Day around the corner, red is the colour of this coming week. Although, you can very well go for any other colour as there is no hard and fast rule to just be red. However the classic red looks just right for this day.

NO !! We are not following any colour theme, nor are we wearing red to mark the onset of Valentine week. It's just; I felt it was the right time to talk about the colour red.

Red is the colour of romance. Red is the colour of passion. Red is the colour of love.

It is the colour of enthusiasm, confidence, energy, action and what not. No other colour imparts so many emotions but, red is multifaceted. In Asian countries such as ours or say China, red as a colour has been and still is regarded as an auspicious colour during weddings or any other occasion. A pinch of vermilion as they say is the holy red sindoor or kumkum which is applied on the forehead of Indian women. Red bangles are adorned by women here as a symbol of being married.

While I have already mentioned before that Soulflower is all about colours, fun and creativity. There is no colour you wouldn't find here. Here's some red for you.

for a rosy weekend

Soulflower Rose Soap

Soulflower Rose Potpourri

Soulflower Heart Bath Set with Rose Geranium

Soulfower Rose Soap :

- Rose petals dehydrates dry skin and repairs damaged skin cells

- Rosehip reduces the appearance of dark spots.

- Palm Kernel prevents aging and skin damage

- Olive removes stretch marks.

Soulflower Rose Potpourri :

- Spread aroma using our Soulflower Rose Potpourri. Open the packet and fill it in a container and keep it in your room. You can also try filling them in small pouches and placing it in your cupboard to get rid of any bad odour.

Soulflower Heart Bathset with Rose Geranium :

This set is among the Soulflower nourish collection. Pamper your body using the refreshing aroma of aroma oil and Thai wood massager. Nourish your skin with our handmade soap and detoxify with natural bath salt.

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