How about making your own Valentine album ?

Just a day ! Today ! And tomorrow is Valentine's Day !! You seriously need to make it quite special. And with a little help from Soulflower, you can actually make it quite big !

As promised, I am here again with some ideas to make your valentine or say loved ones feel really really good.

Today's topic : Make your own Valentine album !

Quite simple. All you need to do is accumulate several beautiful photographs which remind you of something good with your partner or your loved ones. Important part is you can play a little with the format of the photographs.

Look at how I have done here. 

well, we are in love with our products and therefore 
we would rather dedicate this album to Soulflower

You need ?

- photographs in Polaroid format

- scissors

- coloured papers for the album

- glue stick

- and I've also used rose glycerine soaps from Soulflower to give that extra rosy touch

How ?

The size of the album depends upon your number of photographs. I've taken 3 per page. So, the album looked rectangular.

Take different colour papers and stick those Polaroid images and you can even write something cute or romantic if it's for your partner. And, if you are creating an album for your family or friends, the lines would differ.

 things you need - polaroid images, coloured paper, scissors

use the remaining space to write something cute and beautiful

I've always loved albums. Going through an old album, looking at old memories is always a treat for your soul. It can escalate your mood anytime.

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