Simple ways to light up your room with candles

It's the second day of the Valentine week. Just like yesterday, I would share some of my ideas again to cheer up your valentine mood.

For today ?? It's candles !! Hmm.... perfect gift for your loved ones or say .. just your boyfriend or girlfriend. But, how about adding a little twist to the whole candle gifting idea ? Now, you can always adorn your room with aroma candles and you find really good ones in the market. ? Let me show, how you can use regular and everyday items to give that creative touch to those candles. Or rather than gifting, just design a whole candlelight experience in a completely new light.

Things needed :

-  Cello tape

- Glass Jar

- Jute string

- Scissors

- Colourful paper ( I have used a newspaper )


for creating the red heart shape, I have used Soulflower Aroma Bath Salt - Rose Geranium

glass jar, newspaper cutting and the heart symbol

Soulflower Glass Votive

What you need to do ??

Use any paper for the wrapping and cut a heart shape hollow through which the candle can be seen. I have used a newspaper with those alphabets and wrapped it around the jar. And you can see for yourself how it looks. The jute string has been tied onto the bottle-neck. Other colourful strings can also be used instead of that.

What more ?? You can actually customize the preparations for your oh-so-awaited date by giving your own creative touch. I am sure, your date would love the fact that you have actually put in so much thought. Isn't it ??

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