Holy Basil for your skin and hair

The holy basil or tulsi is highly revered in Hinduism. Used in almost every aspect of our traditional chores, it is a home-grown plant in India. A common scenario of a lady taking rounds of the tulsi chaura or the podium like structure can be glimpsed in any household, mainly if you take a travel towards the outskirts. The whole scene according to me can calm down any level of stress and eradicate any kind of negativity. It's pure bliss !

Now, some facts about basil :

- Basil is native to India, China, Southeast Asia and New Guinea. Originally domesticated in India, it is a half-hardy annual plant, best known as a culinary herb prominently featured in Italian cuisine, and also plays a major role in Southeast Asian cuisines of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Taiwan ( ref. : Wikipedia )

- It is not only a mere plant but, a holy symbol in Hinduism.

- Apart from being considered as holy, it's a great healer. You can add basil / tulsi to your cup of tea and herbal drinks and take it for treatment of cold and cough.

- Oil produced from basil / tulsi is a strong antiseptic against many kinds of disease-causing germs including bacteria, fungi and parasites.

- Many people use the plant's woody stalks as beads for meditation garlands or rosaries.

Soulflower Pure Basil Essential Oil

inhaling Basil Essential Oil can refresh the mind
and also restore mental alertness

Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

- Basil Essential oil is an analgesic and provides pain relief. It can be used to reduce pain caused by arthritis, injuries, wounds, burns, bruises, scars, sprains, headaches, etc. It also improves blood circulation and therefore causes an increase in metabolism.

- Basil Essential Oil is very effective in treating dry, frizzy & damaged hair. It nourishes the hair and promotes hair growth and also prevents hair fall from happening. 

- The clarifying aroma of basil essential oil helps to open up congestion and reduce the occurrence of coughing.

- The antibacterial properties of basil essential oil makes it an effective remedy in treating infections like acne & dry patchy skin.

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