Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Sandalwood for your home

The wedding season is still on. Just yesterday, I heard someone tell that she actually lost count of the number of weddings she attended in this month. It's quite obvious, isn't it ?? The number of invitations depends upon the number of connections we have. Choosing proper gifts is quite a task in itself. But, that's about the guests. Imagine !! How much and what all sorts of work does the wedding family have ???? Loads and that goes without description.

A small help from our part. We may not design clothes or accessories or cater to all your needs. But, yeah.. we can make sure that you and your clothes smell good all the time. Prior to any occasion, be it wedding or anything, most of the families redo their homes. One of the most important part is arranging your wardrobes. Now here, sometimes when you empty your wardrobe after a long time there's this stale smell lingering onto it. Not good at all when you are expecting guests at your place. Your wardrobe needs to smell good !

Here's what you need to do.


Soulflower Lavender Aroma Pouch and rose petals

Sandalwood, Lavender and Rose aroma pouches with bottles of aroma oil

Soulflower Aroma Pouches come in four fragrances i.e., rose, jasmine, lavender and sandalwood.

How to use ??

- with each aroma pouch comes an aroma oil bottle with a particular fragrance.

- you can place those aroma pouches in the corners of your wardrobe after emptying and arrange your clothes thereafter.

- before placing, open the pouch and pour 2-3 drops of aroma oil into the potpourri and tie it again.
In this way, your favourite corners would emit a beautiful smell and your guests will be happy too.

Oh .. how could I forget. Here's the link to some beautiful aromas from Soulflower :


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