Something new to look out for

Excited faces running here and there ! New, excited be precise ! Bright, young minds gearing up for something new ! Okay now .. enough of adjectives !! But, there is so much seriously going on.

Meetings to train them and yeah .. our office interiors are also getting a new look. So, you can imagine the level of pandemonium here ? Old files, sound of the carpenter's machine, large cartons of goods filled with old and new things ... ohhh !! I tell you, the chaos created is quite exciting. Things scattered everywhere, loud noises, someone tripping over and yeah ... blooming new friendships !!

All in all, the atmosphere is charged up and in no time, there will lot of changes happening here. For the good of course !!

Oh, and you should know, with all things happening new, you should even take a look at our fresh arrival.

Soulflower Pebble Diffuser Set which comes under the ceramic category. The pebble diffuser can be found in two colours - black and white along with one aroma oil and a sola flower with each set. The aroma oil which comes with the set are rose, lavender, sandalwood or jasmine.

Soulflower Pebble Diffuser Set

Okay .. now also need to know how to use it !

- Pour the contents of the bottle into the ceramic.

- Place the flower inside. The aroma will start spreading in few minutes.

That's all ! Our products are not only exciting but, also easy to use !!


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