Oil Night, Oil Day

As it is the hair care week going on, I thought of speaking about all hair-related problems. Like, in the previous post, I mentioned about how our gorgeous locks form the crowning glory of our body ?? It surely is. Dry or greasy, frizzy or thinning - our hair can seriously behave like a ' problem child ' sometimes. Bad hair is enough to lower your self-esteem or give you pangs of depression.

Who wants that ??

Just like dandruff, oily scalp is also counted amongst the various hair problems that people keep on complaining about. Oily hair and scalp is a result of excess generation from the scalp. To an extent, oily scalp keeps your hair nourished and free from dandruff. But, too much of it makes your hair feel sticky and look greasy. It's like - just 2 days after shampooing, your hair is all oily day and night. Doesn't feel good at all ! 

Every girl longs for that dense, smooth and shiny hair. Well, it's not exactly like a dream which is impossible to achieve. Even dreams do come true ! So, why not smooth, shiny hair ??

All you need is to take some extra care. For some, having that beautiful hair is genetic or a lot depends on the process of nourishment one has been through since childhood. 

- Having lots of fresh fruits and veggies,

- Consistently maintaining a routine for shampooing and oiling,

- Massage with lukewarm oil is a must,

- Using herbal or natural products

- And, being a little generous about spending while buying beauty care products. You need to ! They may cost you a little more, but, isn't your hair expensive ??

You hair needs that proper nourishment as it's delicate and prone to damage. Just as we have a daily routine for food intake, similarly, there should be a hair care routine maintained.

The other important thing is to not expect quick results. As, every good things take time. It's like that seed which you have planted and you need to constantly nourish it till it starts bearing fruits. Doesn't it take time ?? 


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Coming back to oily scalp, it surely isn't welcome if it ruins your hair. How to avoid ??

- Shampoo everyday as it prevents the production of sebum. It will clean of the oil and make your hair look beautiful and feel light. You can also add essential oils like Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon and Lemongrass to your shampoo and apply,

- Carrier oils like Argan and Jojoba prevents excess sebum production in your hair. Massage few drops of any of the two oils into your scalp and shampoo it the next day. You can also blend the two of them and apply,

- You can also add aloe vera gel and lemon juice into your shampoo and then apply. But, make sure to be little consistent in the application.


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