Rewind a little ..

Since quite a few days, we have been focusing a lot on conceptualization.

How to portray our products for what they really are ? How well can we represent ourselves for people to recognize us easily ? And, so on.

Conceptualization forms a pivotal part of any brand, whosoever it may be. Consumers will be much more inclined towards products to which they can relate well rather than something unfathomable.

We, at Soulflower go by the concept of everything handmade. In today's materialistic world, we have almost forgotten the use of our hands in creating something. If your rewind back to your childhood, you may have memories of making greeting cards by cutting papers and other various little things. Those days were surely bliss !! The innocence, the excitement of gifting someone something made with our own hands. The joy gained was inexplicable !!

That's the same thing which we abide by at Soulflower. We create our set, make all other essentials required with our very own tools - our hands. That's how we create our concept. From the scratch, it's all rock-paper-scissors till the end.

Take a look :

back to childhood

paint your own way

the world is your canvas

it's back to play time

when was the last time that you gifted something handmade ??


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