Happy World Book Day

Have you ever heard it ????

Did you ever hear words like a humming tune playing in your mind ??

Or did you ever find yourself so immersed in those pages that you didn't even notice when the day turned to night ???

Aaaah ... then, you're surely a book lover !!

Today is World Book Day !

We all know this line so well that ' Books are our best friends '. And, it's true to the core. Books can surely elevate your mood anytime .. just a good book in hand and you can take over anything. Reading is like an escapade. It's like a different world, a different life.

So, this World Book Day, just escape !! Escape to the world of books, the world unknown and rediscover yourself. Find solace between those pages and those beautiful running words.

And, do not forget to set the mood with Soulflower.

Soulflower wishes you a Happy World Book Day !


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