Soak yourself in Soulflower

There is too much going on in Soulflower at this very moment. New interns have arrived and a lot of time is being devoted to make them comfortable in our surroundings. After all, it's a completely new experience for them. They will learn and we along with them. It's an overall learning experience for all of us. They are bright with fresh minds and the enthusiasm on their faces is inexplicable. It's their first step towards a working life !!

Talking about experience, there's this thing which is very much repeated here. I mean, very often !
" Soulflower is not just about products, but, about experience." And, even I have repeated a lot of times in our previous posts that how our ingredients are procured, tested and combined together to be formulated into soaps and oils. The whole process can very well be compared to those age old practices of spices and nuts crushed to produce oils or the aroma of freshly baked cakes from the oven.

We don't just manufacture our products. Our essential oils are not just a bottle and cap with oil. Soaps are not merely a colourful bar, but, those three tiny holes in the packaging speaks a lot. it's for you to smell ! Take in the aroma ! Stir up your senses ! Excite you to know more about us ! Take you through the journey of our whole process ! We try to create that ambiance which is so necessary for the time you spend with yourself, your ' me time '. You can use any of our products, but, it should make you feel special as we give that special treatment to all of them.

ingredients soaked in our massage oils

Did you know that our massage oils are infused with the herbs which they are meant for. Each and every bottle of our massage oils are infused with - like rose petals for Rose Geranium Massage Oil, or that little stick of sandalwood in Sandalwood Massage Oil or dried jasmine flowers in Jasmine Massage Oil. Post filling the herbs, it's allowed to soak in for several minutes till it permeates the oil.

It's among those little little special treatments given to our products to impart that delightful 
experience for your body and soul.

the purity test

herbs allowed to soak in to let the aroma pervade all over


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