Mosquitoes giving a hard time ??

Are you tired of that continuous whining sound next to your ear ?? I know ... mosquitoes are a real pain !! And recently, an upswing in the number of mosquitoes has been observed. They are everywhere and yeah .. operating in a gang.

Yes ... a GANG !!

And, it's like you kill two or three of them, and another troop attacks you from some different corner.

You are tired, frustrated and full of mosquito bites all over. Mosquito coils, repellent liquidators, swatters ... all have failed !

You have tried every possible way to prevent them, fight them and finally surrendered !!

So, what can you do ?

Summer is a time when you cannot avoid mosquitoes. The heat and humidity readily attracts them. What you can do is take some preventive measures.

The most effective way is to keep your surroundings clean. Not only mosquitoes, but, insects in general love dump and dirt. Clean your house every day. Avoid keeping sweaty clothes unwashed after they are worn once.

If you have a garden in your backyard, clear it off all debris.

Mosquitoes also prefer damp and dark places. You must know how much they are attracted to black ?? Switch on a light in every room although you also need to take care of electricity consumption.

You can also add 3-4 drops of Soulflower Bug Away Essential Oil Blend into water and spray it throughout your room - mainly behind the curtains, corners, wash room and wherever you feel the population is more. 

Soulflower Bug Away Pure Essential Oil Blend

Soulflower Bug Away Essential Oil Blend is basically a blend of eucalyptus, citronella, lemongrass, tea tree and neem essential oil.

You can also add few drops say 3-4 into your bath water and enjoy a refreshing bath. Mosquitoes repel at any kind of citrusy fragrance. Therefore, this blend works well when trying to prevent them.

Adding juice from a whole lemon into water and placing in the corners of your home will also help.

Now with so many measures, you can enjoy a chilled out summer sans mosquitoes. And, if one or two can still be seen around you - do not worry !! Just Spray Bug Away Essential Oil mixed with water and it will be gone !!

keep away creeping crawlies with Bug Away Essential Oil Blend


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