Paint the world green - HAPPY EARTH DAY

Being a brand which supports everything natural, how can we be behind in celebrating Earth Day ??

Although, gradually people are becoming much more aware about the ' Go Green ' bandwagon, all thanks to global warming and stories around that deceitful ozone hole. Most of us are going the natural way inclining towards homemade solutions, yoga, meditation, natural medications. There's also an increasing trend noticed amongst people going for products which shout ' the handmade ' slogan. 

Let's do our bit,
even if it's just painting your walls green,
or wearing green clothes,
or watering plants every day,
even if it's just one plant,
Do Your Bit !

Our idea ? To paint your world green ! You can do it with your own hands !!

How ?

- First of all, start with your health. Consume more of green vegetables, leafy ones and fruits and a water along with that. It's mainly all about maintaining a greener lifestyle.

- Use products with natural food content rather than chemical ones.

- The same old saying. " Plant more trees ". Do it at your home. Not necessary that you have to build a garden, considering the fact that there is little space. Plant a small seed in a cup. Let it grow.

- While using cosmetics, use green personal care products with plant based ingredients in place of petrochemicals.

- Use furniture made from wood, jute, bamboo cane rather than plastic or fibre. AVOID PLASTIC.

- Switch off the lights and say THANK YOU to electricity for being there in times of need. Seriously, it's not a thing to be exploited. Try enjoying a village like environment sometimes. :) :)

- Walk when possible. Or ride a cycle.

- Take your own clothes bag for shopping and say a big ' NO ' to plastic. C'mon now. It takes little effort. Together we can paint our world green.

- In case of clothing, cotton deserves the topmost position for going green. At least, increase the amount of cotton clothes in your wardrobe. Keep the fancy ones for special occasions.

That's all and even you can contribute your ideas for going green. The plan is to be innovative and do your bit to make this world a much better place to live in.

What say ??

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