Make peace with summer

The summer is excruciating ! It's unbearable !!

Don't you think the sun is being too harsh on us ?? So, what can we do ??

Let me think !!!

Soulflower always believes in love and spreading the same. So, why not make peace with summer ?? Let's be friends with the sun. It's just a matter of perception. If you smile at the sun, it will smile back at you. After all, it's one of the major seasons and needs that attention !

So, what can you do to develop that friendship ??


As, always we are ready with quite a few solutions for that summer affected skin.

Firstly, going out too much in the sun tans your skin and makes you look hideous. What can you do ?? Curse the sun ?? You can't !! It will curse you more !

- You can use Soulflower Baby Your Skin Soap which contains natural foods like papaya, cucumber, coconut, yogurt and aloe vera. Hearing of the ingredients, you can imagine how beneficial it can be ? Baby Your Skin Soap is the best facial cleanser. It goes deep into the skin drawing out impurities, cools down inflammations with the help of cucumber, aloe vera and yogurt and also helps in removing tan.

Excessive sweating also clogs your pores resulting in storing impurities in your skin. Impurities also cause acne. This soap with the goodness of papaya goes deep into the skin, unclogging all the pores taking out all the dirt and impurities. Use this soap everyday for better results. 

Baby Your Skin with all the goodness of natural skin foods 

Soulflower Baby Your Skin Soap : 

- Just day skin care is not enough to be friends with the sun. So, you also need to take extra care during night !! Apply 7-8 drops of Soulflower Grapeseed Carrier Oil for moisturizing your skin.

Annd .. it's quite effective in removing suntan. Sweating also leads to bad odour from your feet. Rub few drops of this oil for getting rid of that. 

Soulflower Coldpressed Grapeseed Carrier Oil :

- The other solution is to use Soulflower Light Me Up Soap which is basically a scrub and should be used once a week. It contains skin lightening ingredients like sandalwood, turmeric and lemon. Rub it in gentle circular motions to remove dry dead skin.

Let's light up the world with Soulflower Light Me Up Soap

Soulflower Light Me Up Soap : 

In this way, you can smell good, keep all your scarves and hats at home and go out smiling at the sun.
Oh ok .. that was exaggeration !! 

Please keep your scarves and hats handy but, yeah .. Soulflower will surely make you smile at the sun !


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