Welcome Summer!

Oh, come on we actually should welcome summer guys!

Gorging into super sweet and juicy red watermelon, having number of ice-creams, wearing the coolest outfits, sipping onto a large tumbler of sugarcane juice and many more such things. Looking into the positive aspects of life, we can surely gain a lot from life and who knows, we may even spend a wonderful summer!
In Soulflower, we always try to focus on the brighter side of life and hence, providing solutions for the toughest of issues is our prime motive. To be precise, it cannot be said that summer has arrived in full swing but, in no time it will. The weather now is fluctuating and quite unpredictable, with the morning being cold and the afternoons humid. You can also make out the onset of summer from the number of people gulping down glassful of lime soda and masala chhaas from the roadside vendors.
Here's a point to noted down - People, just avoid those vendors. They are downright unhygienic!
Although, you must be knowing that but, it's always the best to remind! Rather have lots of fresh fruits and without being lazy, just make your own lime soda. It's much better!
Now, we didn't mention about our soaps since a long time. We have soaps just specially designed for summer. And they look deliciously wonderful. Produced from ingredients like peppermint, tomato, aloevera, basil and such, these soaps will help you cool down your irritated skin, get rid of body odour, remove suntan and so on. In short, helps you deal with the common issues of summer in the best way.

Soulflower's Cool Aloevera Soap

- Returns moisture to damaged skin.

- Soothes dry skin, sunburn, itchy and irritated skin cells.
- Controls Pimples and Acne.
- Gives you soft and glowing skin.

Soulflower's Juicy Red Tomato Soap

- Exfoliates and cleanses excess oil.
- Smoothens skin by removing suntan.
- Shrinks open pores and removes blackheads.

Soulflower's refreshing Peppermint soap

- Invigorates mind with it's fresh Aroma.
- Moisturizing and deep cleansing skin.
- Cools down inflammation caused because of Acne.


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