The 360 Degree Argan Experience

With scorching summer approaching, our skin & hair need that extra care. Summers tend to rob off the natural oils from your skin as well as hair. What you need is an all-round tonic for pampering yourself. Dark circles, dull skin, dry and frizzy hair are a big no-no. Soulflower products such as essential oils & carrier oils do serve the purpose. But, taking into consideration the time constraint, you need some quick fixes. The most important part in the summers is to deep moisturize your skin & hair.
In the recent times, Moroccan Argan Carrier Oil has gained a meteoric climb in the beauty sector for it’s huge number of benefits. With it’s growing popularity, it has been bestowed the name ‘ Liquid Gold’. Argan Oil has the ability to prevent prostate cancer and also lower cholesterol. But, mainly it has been hugely recommended for daily skin & hair care. Along with this,it has also been used for having stronger and healthier nails. Oh .. and shiny too. The cosmetic Argan Oil i.e., the one which you should use externally cures everything from scars to infections to split ends to stretch marks.

How can you use Argan Oil daily ?
As a face moisturizer: Use it in the night before going to sleep. 8-10 drops would be perfect. And, due to it’s non-greasy properties,it’s not even going to leave any sticky residue on your skin. You can also use a night cream after applying Argan Oil in your face.
As an Astringent : Put few drops of Argan Oil say, 4-5 in your regular facial toner and apply it onyour face. It helps your skin to hydrate and impart that natural glow.
In Your Face Mask : Mix1 tbsp of lemon juice, 2 tsp yogurt, 1 tbsp honey and 5-6 drops of Soulflower Argan carrier Oil in a container and blend them well. Apply on your face andleave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.
Nail & Cuticle Care : Put 5-6 drops of Soulflower Argan Carrier Oil on a cotton swab and rub it on your fingernails and toenails every night.
Hair Conditioner : Apply Soulflower Argan Carrier Oil to your wet hair after shampoo and massage well on your scalp. It’s nourishing and deep conditions your hair making it soft and smooth.
Hair Styling : Whatever maybe the situation, your hair needs to look the best. Apply 8-10 drops of Soulflower Argan Carrier Oil to your dry hair. First, rub it on your palm and then apply on your hair, running your fingers through to create shine and control frizz.
Overnight Hair Care : Apply a generous amount of Soulflower Argan Carrier Oil to your scalp. Massage well and then towel wrap your hair and go to sleep. Get soft, voluminous locks in the morning.

Just one oil and so many uses.Why wouldn’t anyone opt for this ? It’s quick, easy and loaded with huge number of benefits. What you need to do is, just keep Soulflower Argan Carrier Oil handy.



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