Turmeric - Skin healing and Glowing

Turmeric a plant🌿 related to ginger, is native to the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia. 
Did you Know❓ Turmeric plays a very significant role in Indian Weddings. A couple of days before a Hindu wedding🎊, the bride and groom each organize a Haldi Ceremony . The Haldi paste is made from turmeric, rose water and sandalwood powder. It is gooey and cold but smells strong and pungent yet refreshing. Plus it is an antiseptic too.

100% Pure, Natural and Vegan Soulflower Turmeric Essential Oil is best known as a skin healer. It balances sebum secretion, controls dandruff, hair-thinning; conditions dry-chapped lips and protects from premature skin aging and sun damage.

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How to use : Mix some drops of the Soulflower Turmeric Essential Oil with any Soulflower Carrier Oil and then apply gently on your skin.


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