The beautiful blend of strawberry and fresh cream.

The early morning market can be well compared to a circus now. Although, winter is gone from Mumbai with just a bit of mild winter's breeze blowing in the morning, the market is still filled with remainder of winter fruits and vegetables. But, it surely is a sight with orange, red and green playing everywhere. The best of this season might be strawberries with it's adorable color and look. Fruit vendors can be found throughout the city from markets to traffic signals, just selling strawberries.

I was suddenly reminded of our strawberry infused soap "The Pink Strawberry Skin Soap" and made a note in my mind to post about the same.

Oh yes, strawberries can be actually put to rather good use other than just being tagged as a 'cute fruit'. The beautiful blend of strawberries, fresh cream is almost like having yummy strawberry milkshake. And what else? They look beautiful too!

Benefits of Pink For Skin Soap

- perfect for skin care

- gives your skin a smooth finish

- contains no added preservatives

- effective on pimples

Benefits of Pink Strawberry Soap

- moisturizes your skin

- detoxifies skin and prevents it from sun tan

- protects and softens skin

- strawberry extract removes dead cells while tightening the pores

So, rather than just reading, why not take a look and just have it in your bag. Also, if you are looking out for other such products with a hint of strawberry, visit our website.


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