You, me and aromatherapy

                Yesterday evening I was savoring my tea when to my utter amazement my friend asked “what is this aromatherapy”. I found it amazing that she did not have a clue about what is aromatherapy. Myself being an admirer of aroma therapy could not stop myself from giving a lecture on aromatherapy.

What is aroma therapy?              

                 Technically aromatherapy is ancient technique of using aromas of natural oils to enhance physical and mental well being. There are some aromatic oils called essential oils that are extracted from different kind of herbs and plants. They have acclaimed therapeutic benefits of relaxation and also healing. Under correct compositions there were cases when they worked miraculously over specific kind of problems. Some aroma oils are claimed to have properties that naturally build your immunity, relax your senses, focus your mind, cure skin problems and heal specific kind of physical and psychological maladies.

Why should I prefer aromatherapy?

                 There is one particular reason why one should use aromatherapy. Because it is natural ofcourse. It gives quick results with no sideeffects. And above all who wouldn’t like a soothing fragrances of pure nature.

Who can use it?

                  Anyone who has a thirst for aroma. Anyone who seek solution to their problems through natural and lovely products. Any one who wish to share their love with soulflower.

Where do I get these oils?

                  If you want to get an aromatherapy product make sure that you will get it from an expert in the field of aromatherapy. The one brand which I believe in is soulflower. Problem is that there are a lot of brands flowing around in market claiming to be aromatherapy products, which actually contain all synthetic and harmful chemicals with only a little of actual essence. So make sure that real essence of nature is delivered to you in first hand.

When can I use them?

                  You can use them anywhere and anytime. For suppose if you are using soulflower immune boost roll-on which is very common product in winter, you inhale it whenever you feel like illness is over you. Just keep it in your pocket and inhale it deeply. Or use soulflower bath salt after a long day to relax yourselves. If you know what you want there is always a soulflower product which is handy whenever you need it.  

How can I use them?

                 In general one should not use essential oils directly on skin or take them internally. Before application we dilute them in specified carrier oils for best results. Check out soulflower website to know how to use a particular product.

                 Uff! So that is all about aromatherapy. Hope you now get it why I am an admirer of aroma therapy. And why I use a whole range of soulflower products all the day. Now I am heading out to get Christmas gifts. Hope you also started preperations for Christmas.


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