Say hi to new morning!

                      A great start is what needed for “carpe diem” as I like to call it. Carpe diem means conquering the day. So now the question is how to give the day a great start. With a good bath ofcourse! And a great bath needs good soap. A soap which can make you jump out of bed into bathtub. In winter season one hardly likes to get out of bed. The comfort under cover is so good that bathing always seems to be an effort. But with sexy strawberry you will not feel that anymore. One whiff of Soulflower sexystrawberry soap can change your day and add vibrant colors to it. 

        Like every other soulflower product this is also a natural product. It has:
French Rose clay: It is the mildest of all clays. It works great for normal, sensitive & mature skin types. It cleanses & detoxifies the skin, removes dead skin cells.
Fresh strawberries: It cleanses the skin & help in curing acne & pimples. It is packed with antioxidants. Cocoa butter is obtained from the same bean as chocolate. It imparts a rich & creamy lather to the soap.
Fresh cream: It has been used since ancient times as a natural cleanser. It will soothe & soften all skin types, especially well for dry, itchy skin.

  • Soulflower sexy strawberry soap gives creamy lather adding fun to your bath.
  • It has special properties that detoxify skin and remove dead skin cells.
  • It treats poor blood circulation and sun damaged skin.
  • It protects, softens, soothens and hydrates skin.
  • It maintains healthy balance of sebum in the skin.
  • It works miraculously on acne and pimples.

And like every other soulflower product it does not give any side effects and is handmade. What are you still looking at? Go grab your piece of soulflower sexy strawberry soap.


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