Eat right this winter.

The onset of winter has become hot topic these days.
 Everything from makeup to eating habits must be taken care of. It is said that people generally gain weight in winter. So be careful to control your winter appetite. Not only that take care that you are not doing the any following mistakes.
  • Try not to oversleep or spend lot of time indoor. 
  •  Do your regular exercise. 
  •  Don’t take long showers with hot water because it sucks away the moisture from your skin.   

Now coming to eating habits. 
  • Obviously who wouldn’t love having hot soups and drinks but don’t forget to have a lot of water just like in summer. 
  •  If you want to have a warm treat try hot water with a tinge of lemon. Don’t take food with lot of sugar.
  •  Have the pleasure of seasonal fruits. 
  • Try beans or meat with soup, it gives extra protein. Include high fat diary, soyabeans and soya nuts in your diet. Eating high fat food makes you feel warmer.

  • Try to be away from coffee. Try some herbal tea or green tea or soy milk.
  •  Iron rich vegetables help in heat production. Try spinach, carrots, papaya and peaches.
  •  Beware that your immune system gets weak in winter. 
  • And don’t forget to have yogurt because they have probiotics and help you fight diseases.
  •  Eat foods which are alkaline in nature. 
  • This helps you to maintain your body pH levels. Also foods rich in Niacin will make you feel warmer. Eggs and diary products are good sources of niacin.


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