SoulflowerGirl burning the midnight oil at ISB hyderabad

Yes, Yes,Yes I'm guilty.....
The blog has been neglected and I apologise.
Email me at if you missed me and we will send you a free an apology.
So now hopefully you are not super mad at me, and I'll tell you why I was missing.

I was off to ISB Indian Business School, the prestigious Business Management school at hyderabad.

As you know, our family of Soulflower has been growing and growing thanks to all the love and affection you guys have for our products.
We love to pamper you and your skin with our products and wanna do it better and better everyday.

The guys at ISB thought Soulflower had a spark and they offered SoulflowerGirl a scholarship to study and learn with them.
So we can make Better,Juicer,Crazier & absolutely the best soaps,oils & aroma stuff that you will die for.

Here is some snapshots of my life at ISB and I promise to write everyday :)
need more soap. need more oil

wildlife @ ISB

the Library. And I sat there for hours....really :)

Fuel for SoulflowerGirl

the real wildlife @ ISB

the majestic entrance


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