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So, we have been carrying on with this chalkboard concept since the last few months. Here, we keep on inventing, discovering and renewing our well - not just products but, our designs and creatives. Going on with this, we have received loads of adulation and love from our beloved customers, friends and familiars. Almost, all of them have urged us to take this trend forward, develop and enhance further. Here, every day is a new day, a new concept as we believe in change. Change for the good, for the better, for the best !

Saturday goodness @ Soulflower

All of it is a chaos. Just imagine ! Coming up with new somethings, and improvising it. But, that's what we love to do. It's more like, setting up your own world again and again. And, our designs speak about happiness and more happiness. Coz, that's what we believe in. Happiness is always around us. We just need to look beyond. More into the depth. Designs here are inspired by the teeny tiny things that come into our notice everyday. It can be just anything. A cup of coffee or a bar of chocolate or a simple dry leaf.

Well, today is Saturday. So, why not share with you some nice thoughts ? And, we thank you from the core of our heart for your love and support. Nice words from you make our day. And yeah, Christmas is arriving. So, keep check. We have got lovely surprises in store for you. Good Saturday.

Be stupid ! Make mistakes ! Laugh ! Cry ! Love and Learn !

That's called Life !

Look in the mirror ! Say ' I Am Awesome '. Twice. Everyday.

And, look out for the silver lining and not just the cloud


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