Celebrate This Wedding Season With Soulflower

In fact, let us be with you throughout. All the way through this beautiful journey, your entry into a new life for a new destination. We would like to create a whole new wedding experience for you. Soulflower is not just about products, but, it's a lifestyle. Soulflower has been aromatising weddings since quite a long time. But, this season, we want to do it in a grand way. What we would like is to be a part and parcel of your whole wedding saga.

A wedding is not just about decorations, food, celebrations, jewellery etc. but, is also about telling a new story, designing a new experience. It's about a lot many other things than the common minimum rituals. Like for eg: pre-wedding skin and hair care, or say creating an aromatic experience for your guests, pre-wedding pampering and so on.

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Aromatising is a concept wherein you can choose your own signature aroma from a wide range of options available. Under this comes a combination of potpourri, aroma oils, diffusers and aroma candles. Weddings have always been associated with aromas as it's most important to make your guests have a nice experience. Change that. An aromatic experience. Yes, at Soulflower we deliver specific blend of aromas to suit your mood, set up and ambiance. To name a few, Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Love In The Air, Beautiful Day, Aqua Forest etc.

Also, one needs to deal with pre-wedding stress. Wedding in itself is a big thing. With such huge preparations, to-do lists, arriving guests, management and so on .. it's quite obvious to feel stressed out. One of the many techniques to deal with it is meditation and yoga which helps to maintain that needed glow on D-Day. And, it's not just advised for the couple, but, also the family members. 

Look up : You can see a nice picture of lotus and a bottle. Yeah. Got it right. It's a blend of calming essential oils such as lavender, ylang ylang, basil with an infusion of the rejuvenating bergamot. All these compiled together will help to restore your calm as well as stay refreshed. 

- You can apply 3-4 drops of this blend mixed with 8-10 drops of any Soulflower Carrier Oil on your skin and rub evenly.

- Or pour water on any Soulflower Diffuser along with 2-3 drops of this blend. Light a candle in the diffuser. The aroma emanating from it will create a calming ambiance around you.

Lastly, for de-stressing, you can also use our range of Aroma Bath Salts. We suggest : Rose Geranium Bath Salt to go with the wedding mood. But, feel free to use any of them depending on your choice. Lavender is for calming, whereas Ocean Blue will keep your feet nicely perfumed and Tea Tree will mositurize and nourish your skin and keep it bacteria free.

it helps to detoxify and cleanse your skin


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