Beauty Lies In The Power Of Turmeric

Every bride needs to look the best. And, it's completely magical, how they actually turn out to look so godly on the day of wedding. The bridal glow as is rightly said is a blend of pure happiness, hopes and joy. And yeah .. with so much of pampering done pre-wedding, it's obvious for the bride to glow like a moon. Also, there's the goodness of the traditional turmeric weaving it's magic in the scene.

We all know about the auspicious Haldi Ka Rasam in Indian weddings. Although, the way this ritual is performed may vary to some extent in states throughout the country, but, the main idea behind this ceremony stands same for all.

Why Haldi holds such a special place in Indian weddings ?

The reason why there's always a touch of the colour yellow with along with red in Indian weddings is because of it's auspiciousness. Turmeric has been considered as a holy ingredient since ancient times and therefore it has been used in various rituals. It has been used for beautification and did you also know that turmeric holds medicinal properties. Due to it's anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, both the bride and the bridegroom are anointed with the turmeric paste to ensure a blemish-free skin on the wedding day. Also, the holy turmeric purifies, cleanses and detoxifies your skin giving it that natural glow.

Ubtan as is aptly said in Lucknowi weddings consists of turmeric paste, mustard oil,
henna powder, sindoor, mustard seeds and curd along with sandalwood paste.

a traditional Haldi ceremony of Kannada weddings

or the Holud Kota ritual in Bengali weddings

As told before, the way Haldi ceremony is celebrated in different ways throughout India. The way it's named also varies and sometimes the ingredients used too. Like for example, in Ubtan i.e, Lucknowi Haldi ceremony and Holud Kota ( Bengali Haldi ceremony ), along with turmeric paste, Mustard Oil is a must. But, it is not the same for all ceremonies in other states. So, you can say, that the glow on the bride's face can be attributed to the power of turmeric.

our version of getting that bridal glow


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