For The Happy Couple

Indian weddings can be well compared to a festival. That's why it's been called Big Fat Indian Weddings in the recent times and it stays true to the tag. Weddings here are a big affair, with not only the couple, but the family and all other connections along. It's almost like days full of fun, food and laughter. 

Now, along with all these, the most important thing is to look good everyday pre wedding and on the day itself. Earlier, brides used to go through a whole home made skincare regime. The essentials would be a blend of all things natural - turmeric, sandalwood, fruits, yoghurt and so on. All to make you glow and look perfect. Over the years, however, things have become modernised and simplified. Parlour and spa appointments are taken beforehand and the whole process goes on for like months. Also, there's a growing awareness about beauty seen amongst men. The groom to be more specific. A visible crowd of men getting parlour pampered is not a very unusual sight.

So, here we come in. As, you must know, that our products are procured from only pure and fresh ingredients, application of our products is equal to giving yourself a traditional home made skincare treatment. So, you can keep your parlour appointments on. But, do give a thought or two about going all natural. For eg : Baby Your Skin Soap. Its like a girl's best friend. With skin foods like papaya, yoghurt, cucumber .. just imagine the combined effect on your skin ! A nice shower with this soap will keep your skin soft and supple, and also reduce dark spots or acne marks if there. 

Did you also know that this soap is the best make up remover. So, you can happily say goodbye to all your cleansers and toners and leave everything on this handmade bar of awesomeness.

Now, why should girls have all the fun ?

Well, we have solutions for the guys as well. Charcoal You Smell Good Soap - a lovely combination of refreshing ingredients like charcoal, peppermint, rosemary and turnip juice. Charcoal absorbs bad smell which means it acts as a perfect deodorizer. So, if you are sweating out real hard in the gym to get that perfect physique, then this soap is your best companion.

And, for you both ?

Oh yes. After all, marriages are about WE and not just Him or Her. 
With the arrival of winters, one needs to keep their skin hydrated and moisturised. Romance Aroma Massage Oil has this excellent moisturising effect on your skin and regular massage improves blood circulation as well as removes toxins from your body.


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