Moisturize Is The Word For The Day

Caring for your winter affected skin is like caring for a baby. It needs to be done regularly and from time to time. This harsh season actually wreaks havoc with your skin. And, even though we may feel that enough care is being taken of, it still isn't sufficient. The sudden pull of your skin, redness, itching - all these damages your skin from within permanently. What you need to do is. Moisturize. And, that too. Daily.

Take a look at our Carrier Oils which keeps your skin nicely mositurized and well hydrated. Also, they have their own specific uses.


- Jojoba is best used to heal dry, chapped lips. Apply few drops of this Carrier Oil everyday in the night for getting soft, supple lips.

- Avocado is best to heal itchy, blotchy skin and keep it well moisturized and hydrated. Also, it gives that needed shine to your skin during winters.

- Argan is a natural hair serum and best for winter haircare. Apply 6-8 drops of Argan Carrier Oil in your damp hair and it's all managed. Controls frizz and keeps it soft.

- Wheatgerm heald dry, cracked skin and also cools down itchiness or probable skin redness.

The King of oils : ARGAN - Natural Hair Serum


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