A Winter Full Of Happiness & Colours !

Ah ! Winter is just bliss ! Now, do you remember the heart warming quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley from Ode To The West Wind ? ' If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind ? ' It's just in this way that we wait for all the good things to happen. Hope is a good word over here. Isn't it surprising, that time flew so fast and the year is coming to an end. 2015. What an eventful year it was. Just like this, time is passing by, year after year and so are we .. changing with the times. At Soulflower, we celebrate all seasons and when it's winter, how can we stay behind. Our interiors have already been decorated for Christmas and New Year and our creatives are more about bright, fruity colours to add that touch of joy and happiness.

You will find more colours, innovations and happy thoughts dominating our designs. The basic idea is to simplify, simplify and simplify. The more you de-clutter, the more you will get freedom to think. There's a certain power in colours. A simple red colour can actually uplift your mood early morning. You will also find a lot of strawberries being used in our photographs. Firstly, it's bright and the change it brings in you is instantaneous. Happy ! Just happy ! Certain colours like red, orange, yellow has the ability to act as an anti-depressant. And, it's true. Our designs are always inspired by the passing thoughts or moods which affects us throughout the day. They all are made in way so that you can connect with us. 

Why not take a look ?

when pink rules !

 Christmas decorations at Soulflower

ah ! red is always bliss !

a soapy affair


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