Ting ! Ting ! Ring the bell !

No ! No !

There's no occasion ! No weddings ! Or you can say .. no reason at all. But, still I got to see two bell shaped ceramics happily sitting on my desk. Confused, I enquired and found out that those our none other than our newly going-to-be introduced Bell Diffusers ! They looked quite interesting to me and obviously .. what else can come in my mind ?? Oh yes !! So, I quickly took them. Clicked some nice photographs and now, I am writing about them.

Soulflower White Bell Diffuser

Soulflower Black Bell Diffuser

As you must already be aware of our wide range of diffusers, Bell Diffusers come under the category of electric diffusers. It means that there is no need to light a candle to create the heat, but, just plug it into  socket.

Now, a little about why diffusion is necessary ?

Aroma diffusers purifies the air and essential oils helps to kill or you can say eliminate bacteria present in the air. The best benefit of using diffusers is that they are eco-friendly which means that inhaling the aroma wafting from them wouldn't harm us internally or externally. You also need to know that aroma diffusers have n ionizing effect. It helps to improve air quality by releasing more negative ions into the air. These ions then attach themselves to the positive ions causing the dust to fall on the ground.

And, last but, not the least, diffusers help to aromatize your surroundings. Electric diffusers can be used in your bedroom, study, office, hotels, restaurants etc.

Now, how to use them ?? Follow these images to know. It's quite easy.

      place the top part just as shown in the picture        pour water on the dented portion above

pour 4-5 drops of essential oil or aroma oil as per your mood 
and connect the plug to a socket.

- The plug can be found beneath the bottom part of the diffuser along with a small bulb.


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