Ohh .. did you get the whiff ??

I got it. Lost in thoughts, I was just passing by a corner in our office - and a sweet, candy like fragrance caught my nose. Naturally, curiosity landed on my mind. Where is this coming from ?? This aroma is quite foreign to me. Never got anything like this !! So, what was I supposed to do ?? Well, the obvious !

Entering the room, I figured out one of our Soulflower Diffusers on the table with a candle burning beneath. But, what kind of aroma did I just smell ? On asking, I found out that it's our new range of Soulflower Aroma Oils which can be used in our diffusers as well as potpourri. Soo ?? Yeahh .. these aroma oils are specially designed for aromatising your space.

So, why not take a look ??

our new range of Aroma Oils

Now, as we love varied aromas and Soulflower is just like a potpourri of different aromas. Tried and tested. Yes, before showcasing any new aroma, we make sure to try it ourselves. If the fragrance attracts us, we are almost sure, that it would be the same for you ! So, these aroma oils are of varied fragrances like rose, sandalwood, jasmine, lavender and walk in the woods.

Each aroma has it's own benefit and distinctive fragrance. Well, now let's talk about it's use. 

Quite simple actually.

For Potpourri :

- Empty the contents of the potpourri packet into any container of your choice,

- Pour 8-10 drops of aroma oil ( for eg: Soulflower Rose Aroma Oil for Soulflower Rose Aroma Potpourri ) into the potpourri,

- Mix it well with a wooden spoon or spatula,

- The aroma stays for a week. You can pour aroma oil yet again after a week.

For Diffuser :

- Pour water into any Soulflower Diffuser,

- Pour 3-4 drops of any Soulflower Aroma Oil, depending on your mood,

- Light a candle beneath


Soulflower Aroma Oil - Rose

Soulflower Aroma Oil - Midnight Jasmine

Soulflower Aroma Oil - Lavender

Soulflower Aroma Oil - Sandalwood

Soulflower Aroma Oil - Walk In The Wood


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