Aroma locked

If you have seen perfume bottles or even homeopathy medicines, or say …. ummm .. let me remember !

Yeah .. scented candles, baby food cans, or just say .. anything with essence, fragrance or aroma. All these come with a small sentence about how to keep them locked. Mainly to preserve the aroma, the effect and essence. Basically to keep the good effects.  Aaah .. yeah. Even freshly chopped veggies are stored in a zip lock pouch to retain their freshness.

So, why not our Soulflower Aroma Potpourris ?

colours everywhere !

Soulflower Potpourris already come in a locked packet and tiny pouches. But, the basic thing is how to store it ? How to preserve it’s aroma once brought home or your workspace ? We did a bit of research and VOILA !! It’s quite easy to store potpourri.

We got this glass jars which seemed perfect to us for potpourri storage. They are air-tight. In this way, the aroma will stay for a longer time. And, you can use it for a longer time too ! 

HOW ??

Let me make it easy for you.

-          - Once your buy any Soulflower Potpourri of any aroma, empty the contents of the packet into an air-tight glass jar. Keep the lid closed when not in use.

-         - Take small size containers and pour small portions of potpourri in them.

-         - Place those containers in different corners of your space through which the aroma can travel throughout.

-          - Just keep in mind to pour few drops of aroma oil into the potpourri after storing in the glass jar.

Cool. Isn’t it ??

when jasmine pours over you

oh ! lavender

In this way, you can store potpourri in a proper way. Protect it from dirt and mainly, preserve aroma ! If you are looking this way, hop on to and aromatize your space.


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