Life In Colour !

Colours are like the different characteristics of an individual. You must have frequently heard this statement about someone or anyone in particular that " He/She is a colourful person ". Didn't you ?? Well, I have heard, seen and told this line innumerable time. Yes, every colour is different and they speak. Colours speak a lot ! Every colour has it's own significance, it's own meaning.

Life In Colour

orange is the happiest colour

when you feel blue, look at yellow

and red .. doesn't it look gorgeous ???

At Soulflower, we love colours. We celebrate Life In Colour ! Red, blue, yellow, green ... and does it stop over there ???? Nah ... it goes on and on. Colours and it's different shades and hues. I remember, sharing posts about specific colours few months back. Well, please consider this post as a continuation of the previous ones.

Colours are known to attract attention. Annnd ... since long, it has been used for the same. Consumers find colourful products appealing. And, have you ever noticed a child's reaction to colours ??? Well, it's a world known truth. Children love colours. The more, the better. But, we should also remember to use colours in the right way. That's where contrast comes in the picture. For eg : Red and Yellow. The combination actually looks good. Or a combination of the different shades of the same colour. Blue and Sky Blue. A bad contrast can actually cause disasters.

When rightly used, colours just like music has the ability to elevate your mood, boost confidence and yes, improve your health too. At Soulflower, we love to provide all round solutions i.e., emotional and physical. And colours form an integral part of the whole healing process.

So, love colours. Make your life colourful. Live Life In Colours.


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